What Has Been Will Be Again

By | March 7, 2017

“What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc 1:9

After Adam and Eve left the Garden, they commenced their long and dreary life in this world. (See Moses 5:1-12) They had many children who paired off and went on their own to till and toil with the earth. (v. 2) Adam and Eve remembered the Lord and called on him, but their relationship had been damaged and they saw him not. (v. 3) Despite that damage Adam and Eve continued to offer the Aaronic sacrifices they were commanded to offer in the Garden. (v 4-5). After many days, and likely many generations, an Angel came to Adam and asked him why he kept on offering those Aaronic sacrifices. (v. 6) The knowledge that followed was an incredible blessing to Adam and Eve (v. 7-12).

I believe this was the occasion of their baptism as discussed in Moses 6:52-68. Therefore, I believe that you could rightly insert after Moses 5:11 the events of Moses 6:52-68. If that was the case, the pattern would have been obedience to the Aaronic preparatory ordinances led to an Angelic visit, that led to a conversation between Adam and the Lord, (See Moses 6:51-53) followed by another Aaronic ordinance, baptism of water (v. 64), then the baptism of spirit (v. 65), and finally the baptism of blood (v 66-68). These were truly some dramatic events! Certainly, it broke up the long dreary days.

Again, if this is the case, the story of Adam and Eve picks up again with Moses 5:12, where they came back from their theophany and “made all things known” to their children. I can just imagine their excitement to share what they had learned.

I wonder, though, how would their children view those events? They had not known the God of the Garden. It seems from the record most of them, other than Cain and Abel, were not very interested in what they must have seen as wasteful and futile Aaronic sacrifices. “You mean I have toiled in the heat all of these days and you just want me to burn up the fruits of my labors? Yeah, right, dad! That just doesn’t make any sense.”

How would they have viewed their parents? Adam and Eve were the oldest people among the likely thousands of the generations of their posterity. They told fantastical stories about a place and God they had never seen nor known. They wasted the toil of their labors in futile Aaronic sacrifices.

Then in the midst of these thoughts, while their parents are again “lecturing,” comes this beautiful Being of Light commanding, “Believe it not!” Is it any wonder that so many of Adam and Eve’s children chose to follow their own supernatural experience over the mere word-only witness of their aging and foolish parents?

Could this pattern still happen today? A mortal man delivers knowledge from God by a lecture? He talks about Aaronic things like baptisms of water. Afterwards spirits travel throughout the land saying to anyone that will listen, “Believe it not!”

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7 thoughts on “What Has Been Will Be Again

  1. Scott Stover

    Dan, I know you’re trying to be parabolic here, but I’m not getting it, and I’d like to. If you don’t want to expound here, could you PM me? I’m not sure who the spirits to travel afterwards might be.

  2. Toni

    This is really something to ponder. We have a mortal witness. An obviously light-filled person appears and tells us not to believe that witness. How can we tell which is telling the truth? How can devils appear as light? They are angels, but do they really have more light than us, given the horrors they entice humans to commit?

    It sounds like one must be on their toes whether the messenger is a mortal or a being who seems to be filled with light. I suspect, like Denver Snuffer states, the key to discerning the messenger is the contents of the message. We can look and see if it contradicts scripture, but did Adam and Eve have scripture? If they did, it seems to me that it didn’t go back very far if they hadn’t even been baptized up to that point.

    There is so much we do not know. There are so many opportunities to go off on a wrong path, to follow after our own pride and lusts and fears.

  3. Louis Naegle

    Insightful. Thank you!

    The mortal man “who delivers knowledge from God by a lecture” is DS.
    He does it openly and notoriously, and he does it in accordance with the pattern already established by God which is clearly documented in the scriptures.

    There are now many others who claim special knowledge or supernatural contact from beyond the veil. (Ironically none of them seem to want to recognize the “Aaronic state” in which we all currently find ourselves, let alone offer the needed sacrifice to ameliorate the situation.)
    To the extent they disagree with the message God has already sent by the servant sent by Him to deliver it, they are saying, “Believe it not.”

    What has been done is being done again.

    Paying heed to those false messengers from an unclean source will lead you away from the redemption only Christ can offer and towards damnation.



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