My Advice

Early in the morning of October 25, 2013, after a night of prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ suddenly came to my room in a resurrected body of Fire and Glory.  Part of the ordinances of that occasion included the obligation to declare the witness that I posted at this site for a period of two years.  That obligation is satisfied on November 5, 2015.  It is my intention at that time to remove both the original post and this post and return to my normal life. I met Christ while fully awake, completely sober with no drugs, alcohol, or other mind altering … Continue reading My Advice

My Testimony

I share this testimony in the spirit of friendship to any fellow seeker of Christ. I am a normal lay member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I have no presiding authority to teach or command within the organization of the church.  Within the stewardship of the organization, I respect the authority of those presiding authorities, and I keep these experiences to myself.   I share unrestrained to my friends and my family. Spirituality and the gospel are greater than any organization. I served an honorable mission, married in the temple, and have a current temple recommend.  I … Continue reading My Testimony